ComfoHandling Nail Clipper (Red)


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Take the hassle out of cutting your nails with the ?ComfoHandling? nail clipper. This innovative new nail clipper lets you comfortably cut your nails in any direction, and in many grip positions, thanks to the patented 360-degree rotating double-ring grip. Unlike traditional nail clippers, which might slip, or can be awkward to handle, the ?ComfoHandling? nail clipper gives you many comfortable ways to grip securely. This makes it the perfect tool for Seniors, People With Disabilities, Children, and Teens. Best of all, the smart CatchBuddy feature catches and holds all your nail clippings. This takes the hassle out of cutting your nails. You?ll never have to worry about flying nail clippings again! The ?ComfoHandling? nail clipper is made by one of the best quality control manufacturers in the world. So you?ll enjoy a lifetime of high-quality comfort. Every purchase of the ?ComfoHandling? nail clipper helps support our veterans. A portion of each sale is donated to the Seeds of Generosity charity, which helps support American Service Veterans.
7 Advantages in ONE
No slip grip. Rotating thumb grip ring holds thumb securely.
No clippings fly out. Catcher catches clippings smartly like baseball gloves.
Great ease with both hands and. No matter their dexterity.
Good designed for seniors, kids, disabled, people with arthritis, shaking hands.
Fine nail file built.
Made in Korea.
Support honored American Veterans.


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