Wild Harvest Parakeet, Canary & Finch Daily Nutrition Blend, 5 lb


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For vibrant plumage And optimum health
Wild Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number
Spectrum Brands
Assembled Product Weight
5 lb
Animal Type
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
11.25 x 13.00 x 2.00 Inches



Using natural ingredients, Wild Harvest provides the perfect blend of food and treats to meet the distinct dietary needs of birds and small animals. This unique blend of your bird?s favorite premium seeds such as canary grass seed, red and white millets and wholesome grains which make the Wild Harvest Daily Blend for parakeets, canaries, finches and other similar small birds. Specially formulated with vitamins and minerals, it encourages vibrant plumage and has vital nutrients for optimum health all in a 100 percent nutritionally complete blend. Keeping your product fresh is never a concern with Wild Harvest. The seed blend comes with a resealable zipper to lock in that freshness. Wild Harvest Daily Blend for Parakeet, Canary and Finch provides the nutrients important for your bird, with a great and natural taste they can?t resist.

Blend ideal for parakeets, canaries and finches
Enriched with vitamins and minerals
Promotes vibrant plumage
Maintains optimum health of your bird
This complete blend covers all of your pet’s nutritional needs
Seal in the freshness with the fully resealable zipper packaging


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