15 Piece Soldering Iron Soldering Kit Adjustable Temperature Glue Handle Electric Soldering Iron Electronic Circuit Board Precision Welding Small Tool Kit


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Assembled Product Weight
0.88 lb
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
10.24 x 5.91 x 1.97 Inches


This soldering tool set includes a kit, a soldering iron, two black/red power leads, five different soldering iron tips, a solder extractor, a simple wire stripper, a solder wire, a soldering iron holder/sponge, and a tweezers. The accessories are relatively complete, and it is a very practical household electrician repairing welding tools and equipment.
The soldering iron looks like a pen, is light and portable, comfortable to hold and flexible to use. The built-in precision chip temperature control circuit board can realize and keep the welding temperature stable, bringing you efficient welding work and safer use.
The soldering iron head is processed by nano electroplating process, which has excellent temperature collection effect, fast heat conduction, long-lasting anti-oxidation and very durable. Use a soldering iron stand when soldering to minimize burns and injury to the user.
The silicone handle is heat-resistant and high-temperature resistant, making it more comfortable to hold and not hot. Small and lightweight, flexible and convenient to use and carry.
This electric soldering iron welding tool can be widely used in precision welding projects, home DIY fixed operations, electrical and electronic equipment maintenance, circuit board welding, hand and jewelry DIY production and other fields.

Name: Soldering Iron Soldering Kit
Material: ABS, plastic handle
Power form: electricity
Working method: internal heating
Voltage: 110 V
Power: 60W
Temperature adjustment: 200℃~450℃
Number of accessories: 15 pieces
Application: precision welding repair
Tin suction pump size: about 0.79in*7.5in
Total weight: about 400g

The relevant dimensions of this product are measured manually, and there may be certain errors. Please refer to the actual product for the standard size.

Smooth welding: good thermal conductivity, more energy saving, more stable, short heating time, ready to use.
Adjustable temperature: knob type adjustment, the minimum temperature can be adjusted to 200℃, and the maximum temperature can be adjusted to 450℃.
Intelligent constant temperature control: stop heating after reaching the specified temperature; when the temperature drops, the chip will be thermostated to the specified temperature again after induction.
Plug and Play: The one-piece power cord plugs directly into the power supply, and the length is long enough to make welding more convenient.
Equipped with five different shapes of soldering iron tips, which can be disassembled and replaced at any time to meet the needs of various welding operations.


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